Hi. I'm a designer & web developer living in Brooklyn, NY.


Dismantling electronics, collecting weird tools or hardware (for breakfast machines, of course!), and drawing all sorts of madness were a few of my childhood pursuits. I also enjoyed climbing trees, video games, and biking, but certainly you've heard those before. Being from the Midwest, I regret not acquiring a Chicago or Minnesotan accent. Yet thanks to my Grandmother you may occasionally hear me slip “rowbut” for “robot.” I currently reside in Brooklyn and haven't fully assimilated here either.

I received my bachelors from SAIC after an illuminating four years studying design, animation, illustration, and printmaking. While in school I maintained another outlet for my enterprising needs; technology. I'm currently self employed, working on growing my own projects while providing consultation and development services to a rich history of fantastic people.

You can explore a variety of my existence in many places on the internet: I often Tweet about my interests, do a fair amount of reading, occasionally contribute to the world through GitHub, and receive junk mail from LinkedIn. Cheers.