I've been excited by the web since stringing together my first lines of HTML in the '90s. I started as a hobbyist and tinkerer, viewing source code of pages I admired trying to learn how things happened. Later, I mixed my studies with art and entertainment into my best interpretations of HyperCard for an online audience. I've kept pace with the industry through a amazing series of mentors and opportunities along the way. This site's tech stack is intentionally low-fi so people can view source the way I did back in the day.

Aside from tech, I'm addicted to RSS, movies, cooking, and bicycles. I digest most of my feeds through Reeder & Feedbin; I primarily follow art, community, humor, and editorial sites. My physical movie collection is dwindling these days, but my collection of streaming services is making me question my spending habits. I read too many food blogs, but my staples have been the Food Lab, Sauces: Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making, and the Improvisational Cook. For biking, I custom built a Milwaukee Bicycle Co road frame for commuting, touring, and light hauling. I also have a Bianchi Pista for casual rides around town. I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY.